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VEINS are the structures in the legs that NORMALLY carry the blood out of the legs, once the blood has provided nutrition and oxygen to the tissues. To prevent backflow of deoxygenated blood, veins have multiple valves throughout their length. In many people, the VEINS (particularly the superficial ones) become ABNORMAL. The VALVES are destroyed and the blood is forced back into the leg causing high pressure which leads to VARICES, SWELLING, PAIN, DISCOMFORT, and eventually NON-HEALING ulcers.

VEIN INSTITUTE OF IMPERIAL VALLEY was formed in 2007 in El Centro, CA to DIAGNOSE and TREAT patients with ABNORMAL VEINS and the severe problems that occur as a result of ABNORMAL VEINS. A highly skilled group of cardiovascular surgeons, physician assistants, technical and office staff, has been assembled in a well-equipped facility in El Centro to treat patients with VENOUS disorders.

Accurate diagnosis is very important in planning treatment. That diagnostic workup must include sophisticated Ultrasound Equipment used by highly skilled technicians. The diagnostic work at the VEIN INSTITUTE is important and EXCELLENT.

The most important part of the Vein Treatment at The VEIN INSTITUTE is the new, non-surgical minimally-invasive use of RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION (VNUS Closure® procedure), also Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy, where indicated.

If you have the PROBLEMS associated with LEG VEIN ABNORMALITY – varicose veins, swelling,
pain, ulcers or cellulitis, please contact:


(760) 353-2341

For further information or an appoinment.


      before and after of varicose veins treated using VNUS closurefast procedure